State & Local Government Conflict of Interests Act Course

Required Biennial Training
The Virginia State and Local Government Conflict of Interests Act requires that board members and VCUHS employees deemed to be in a "position of trust" complete an orientation course every two years. The purpose of the training is to ensure that filers gain a greater understanding of the Act, its provisions and prohibitions. Please note, "all state filers" are required to complete training for 2011.

This year, employees may access the training electronically using the Office of the Attorney General's Knowledge Center (OAGKC). Follow the illustrated guide below to log in and fulfill the training requirement.


OAGKC Registration & COI Training Walkthrough

Step 1: Go to:
If you are already registered in OAGKC, skip to step 7.


Step 2: Click "Register" at the top middle of the page.


Step 3: Select "I am a non state employee, entering the site for the first time."


Step 4: Enter your given name leaving the middle initial blank. Be sure not to enter a nickname (e.g., Mike, Pam, Bob, etc.); the system will not recognize you. Make sure all fields marked with an asterisk are complete, and click "Submit."

If the system does not recognize you, double check that your DOB is in the requested format and that there are no typos.

* VCU Health System Employees should select "Other Employee Status

* All board members should select "Commonwealth Board Member"


Step 5: Verify your information and click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page. If your record does not show up, click the back button on your browser and check for typos, make sure all fields have been completed, and the middle initial field was left BLANK.


Step 6: Choose a Login ID and password. Your password must be at least 6 characters and contain at least 3 of the following: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers (0-9), and special characters (such as =-/.,’-*!@#$%^&*(). An example of an acceptable password is Training1.

Click the "Submit" button.


Step 7: Click the provided link to the OAGKC login page and enter the Login ID and password that you just created.


Step 8: Place your cursor over the "Learning Center" icon and select "Course Information & Enrollment."


Step 9: Type "conflict of interest" into the keyword field and click the "Search" button.


Step 10: Click "Virginia State and Local Conflict of Interests (COI) Act Training".


Step 11: Click the "Take Course" button.


Step 12: Select "COI Module 1" to begin.


Step 13: At the conclusion of COI Module 1, continue to COI Module 2 through COI Module 4. Individuals who are involved in procurement decisions must also complete COI Module 5, Ethics in Public Contracting.

The “Ethics in Public Contracting” module is only required for those state filers who have official responsibility for procurement transactions. The definition of “official responsibility” for a procurement transaction is very broad and includes those who have supervisory authority over individuals who may actually handle purchases. 


Recommended: Print your certificate for your records by selecting the "Administration: Student Records: Student Transcript" option. Then, click the "certificate" link to the right of the COI course name and follow the instructions to print the certificate.